We are uniquely suited to guide you through the complexities of growth.


Tresoro Group provides effective solutions because we understand the roles and viewpoints of every key player, from boards, to investors, founders, C-suite executives, and clinicians on the front lines of behavioral health. That is because we have filled many of these roles ourselves. Our ability to speak your language — and the language of your key partners — allows us to provide laser-targeted counsel to:

  • Founder-owned companies seeking advice on the strategic, infrastructure, and personnel transformations they must make to either scale up or secure additional investment
  • Larger health care companies that are considering strategic acquisitions
  • Investors looking for guidance as they explore investment in the behavioral health care space

Here’s what our peers have to say:


jeffrey bartoli

Managing Director, Centre Partners

“Vicki is a one-of-a-kind talent with boundless energy and creativity. She built a world-class eating disorders treatment program at Oliver-Pyatt Centers that attracted our interest at Centre Partners. After we acquired Oliver-Pyatt Centers to become part of Monte Nido & Affiliates, the premier national eating disorders treatment platform, Vicki was the clear choice to lead the combined company in its next phase of growth. She truly delivered, growing successful programs to serve patients in need while achieving stellar business results during our time of ownership.”


dan davidson

Managing Director, Coker Capital Advisors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki on the sale of OPC and Monte Nido, so I can testify firsthand about her prowess in navigating the selling process. She is a master at educating potential buyers on the behavioral health care space — even when they come in knowing very little about it — and highlighting the true strengths of an organization and the opportunities in front of it. Vicki has extensive connections in the industry and a deep knowledge of legislative, regulatory, and insurance/payor trends, as well as the overall competitive dynamics at work in the behavioral health care space. Vicki is an accomplished leader and is often relied upon by peers in the industry to provide counsel and wisdom. Her expertise would be an asset to potential investors and companies alike.”


jillian lampert

Chief Strategy Officer, The Emily Program
President, Residential Eating Disorders Consortium

“Vicki is a widely respected industry leader who is both a great businesswoman and a professional deeply committed to excellent patient outcomes. Vicki speaks her mind and uncovers the thing that everybody is thinking but she actually has the courage and confidence to say. She knows how to shift a room. Vicki emboldens and empowers people to make the right decision. She also has a keen ability to see a path through a messy, complicated situation. Then she builds buy-in, anticipates pitfalls, navigates through any resistance, and keeps the ship sailing on the right course.”