We want to be your strategic partner for growth in behavioral health.


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Diligence Services 

Tresoro Group provides comprehensive due diligence services on potential acquisitions. Leveraging our track record as successful behavioral health executives, we provide key insights into business operations, clinical approach, infrastructure, and growth potential. Additionally, we provide in-depth assessments of key management and tap industry resources as references and channel checks. Having overseen multiple private equity transactions in the behavioral health care sector, we offer due diligence support services that allow investors to access business insights that are not otherwise available from a traditional consulting firm. Specific services include:  

  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Review of clinical philosophy and business implications of clinical approach
  • Assessment of key personnel
  • Industry reference / channel checks on businesses and key personnel
  • Review of key business metrics and contextual commentary
  • Assessment of infrastructure adequacy to support growth 
  • Review of potential business efficiencies

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Growth and Development Strategies

We work with management teams to create growth plans and assess market attractiveness. Our services include the following:

  • Assessment of markets to determine the gap to full potential market size
  • Competitive landscape assessments
  • Analysis of payer dynamics
  • Regulatory environment reviews
  • Identification of clinical key opinion leaders in the market
  • Assistance crafting your corporate and executive team structure and recruiting top talent
  • Investment R.O.I.: where your next dollar will create the most value for your company

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Most importantly, we are a bridge between investors and company founders/management teams. We teach founders how to speak the language of investors and vice versa. Our counsel comes from a place of profound respect for founders and the unique perspectives, passion, and deep knowledge of customer needs that they uniquely possess. Building a company is a creative act, and we understand the pride founders take in their creations. We also understand the value investors can bring in terms of scope, scale, and infrastructure. We deeply understand both founders and investors and can provide expert counsel in our clients’ quest to achieve clinical excellence for patients, optimal valuations for businesses, and strong returns for owners and partners.