Tresoro Group Founder Vicki Kroviak is the former Chief Executive Officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates and a founder of Oliver-Pyatt Centers. She is a widely respected leader in the behavioral health care industry who is known for her passionate pursuit of both clinical excellence and business growth.


A decade ago, Kroviak founded world-class eating disorders treatment program Oliver-Pyatt Centers, a nationally recognized provider in South Miami, Florida. Having grown OPC to five facilities in five years, with a compounded annual growth rate of 45%, Kroviak co-led Oliver-Pyatt Centers through its first sale process in 2013, resulting in its acquisition by Centre Partners. As a result, OPC became part of Monte Nido & Affiliates, the premier national eating disorders treatment platform. A little over a year later, Kroviak was named CEO of the combined company.

As CEO, she directed the company’s expansion to multiple new facilities in major markets throughout the country and led the company through a second sale. In the process, Kroviak repeatedly achieved stellar valuations for businesses as well as strong returns for owners and partners. In addition, she identified an unfilled demand for the adolescent population and drove that growth, a testament to her talent for spotting untapped growth opportunities. What sets her apart as an advisor is her consistent track record in building financial value for the companies she managed, while leading patients from all over the world toward lives of recovery.

While she is best known for her work in the eating disorders treatment industry, Kroviak’s expertise is relevant across the wider behavioral health care arena.


Kroviak is a founder of the Residential Eating Disorders Consortium (REDC), a national trade organization and first-of-its-kind collaboration that brought together competing residential eating disorders treatment providers to work together to raise industry standards. The consortium, which now represents 85% of the beds in the entire industry, has garnered national attention as a powerful force for successfully advocating on Capitol Hill to put behavioral health care on a more equal footing with physical health care.

Kroviak is also especially adept at understanding brands — how to build, grow, and defend them — both in the consumer’s eye and for professional outreach. Earlier in her career, Kroviak was an international television executive. Her 20+ years in programming and production across Asia, Latin America, and the United States included the build-out of Star TV in Hong Kong, the launch of Sky Latin America in Buenos Aires and Miami, and producing for Nickelodeon in New York. She has tapped her respect and understanding of design and communication tools to drive company growth.

Kroviak’s unique background, mix of skills, and understanding of client needs makes Tresoro Group a powerful partner for anyone working to grow a company in the behavioral health care space.

Kroviak holds an MBA from the University of Denver. She is the mother of three daughters, one of whom has special needs. One mission Kroviak holds dear is addressing the needs of special needs children and their families, creating paths for these children to build fulfilling lives as adults.